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Tingvoll Church


Tingvoll church located at Tingvoll Nordmøre. It is a Romanesque stone church built around 1180. The current interior is primarily derived from the 1600s. The church is sometimes referred to as Nordmøre Cathedral.
It is part of the Norwegian church and deanery church in Indre Nordmøre deanery in Diocese of Møre.
In the Middle Ages was the likely county church for Nordmøre and was raised on an old thing place. The church resembles a fortress with 2 meter thick walls with times and stairs. The building has Romanesque arches over doors and windows, some clover arches, while the chancel has pointed arch. On the choir wall is the runes carved into the marble including with the text: "I named Gunnar and made this house." The runes are believed to be from the late 1100s. Tingvoll church is one of the most beautiful and interesting stone churches dating from this period. During the summer there are numerous concerts in the church. Guided tours by appointment. The church is open on weekdays 8-16.

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